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Accredited Debt Relief is a DBA of Beyond Finance, LLC. Beyond Finance, LLC provides debt consolidation services. Our clients who make all monthly program payments pay approximately 55% of their enrolled debt upon successful program completion, before program fees. Fees are based on a percentage of your enrolled debt at the time of starting the program and range from 15%-25% of your enrolled debt. Programs range from 12-48 months. On average, clients must save approximately 40%-50% of each debt due to an enrolled creditor before a bona fide settlement offer will be made. On average, clients receive their first settlement within 4-6 months of enrollment and approximately every 3-6 months thereafter from when the prior debt was settled. Not all Clients complete the program. Estimates are based on prior results and may not match your results. We cannot guarantee that your debts will be resolved for a specific amount or percentage or within a specific timeframe. We do not assume your debts, make monthly payments to creditors, or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting, legal advice, or credit repair services. The program is not available in all states; fees may vary by state. The use of debt consolidation services will likely adversely affect your credit. You may be subject to collections or lawsuits by creditors or collectors. Your outstanding debt may increase from the accrual of fees and interest. Clients may withdraw from the program at any time without penalty and receive all funds from their dedicated account, other than funds earned by the company or fees paid to third-party service providers, as may be applicable. Read and understand all program materials prior to enrolling. Certain types of debts are not eligible for enrollment. Some creditors are not eligible for enrollment because they do not negotiate with debt consolidation companies. C.P.D. Reg. No. – 21-04861

Accredited Debt Relief makes no guarantees regarding performance (e.g. that debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that a client will be debt-free within a specific period of time). We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, national origin or ancestry. Testimonials reflect the individuals' opinions and may not be illustrative of all individual experiences.